To establish a Hawaii House Embassy in Jerusalem, we are dependent on the generosity of donors. With increased tensions on Israel’s ancient capital, the hour to stand in her defense is NOW. Our aspiration is to have a grand opening before the end of this year. If you would like to partner with this historic opportunity to defend Jerusalem, your contribution will be much appreciated. Tax deductible receipts are available. Checks can be made payable to HIA and mailed to Hawaii-Israel Alignment P.O Box 728 Puunene, Hawaii 96784

Foundational Ambassador
A One Time Gift of $5,000

Representing the 12 Foundational Stones of the New Jerusalem, 12 Foundational Ambassadors (People/Churches) will set into place a start-up fund to establish the foundation stones of the Hawaii House Embassy.

Aloha Ambassador
A Monthly Donation of $100

In honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary, 70 Aloha Ambassadors will make a one-year renewable commitment of $100 per month to maintain rent and other operating expenses.

Watchman Ambassador
A Monthly Donation of $30

Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May those that love thee prosper.

The Watchman Ambassador will make a daily commitment to pray for Jerusalem and a one-year renewable commitment of $30 ($1 per day) monthly for outreach expenditures to promote and support both Jewish & Christian organizations doing worthy endeavors in the community (refer to chart) and assist with humanitarian needs of the Holocaust survivors, the underprivileged and the surrounding Jewish settlements. Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May those that love thee prosper.

Donation Options

In defense of Jerusalem, you can have the option to customize a one-time contribution or make a one-year commitment in the amount of your choice.

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As Co-founder of the Hawaii-Israel Alignment, Kaatee keeps an active momentum of support for Israel on the Islands, and also serves as an associate pastor at a Hawaiian congregation on Maui called ‘In His House of Restoration’ under the leadership of Pastor’s John and Mariam Demello. Kaatee has served as a fulltime missionary in Latin America for thirteen years, and three years in Samoa and other South Pacific Islands on the Morning Star sailing vessel. She is the author of two books, ‘Israel’s Biblical Rights to the Land’ and ‘God’s Judgment on the Nations’. Kaatee’s discovery of her Jewish bloodline in 2008 changed her life and direction in ministry toward Israel and the Jewish people. Her passion and life are dedicated to this cause. Click to hear live Kaatee’s personal testimony


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